What Is A Smart Home?

Dec 07, 2014

Most people have heard the term “smart home”, but many homeowners are still unsure of the meaning. In fact, recent articles suggest that only one in ten consumers can define what a smart home is.

A smart home connects all devices and appliances allowing them to synchronize and communicate with each other. It allows for collecting information so the technology can anticipate the user’s actions and habits. What this means for homeowners is they now have less home worries. Leaving lights on, appliances running, or inefficient heating and cooling are issues a smart home looks to solve. Customization will allow homeowners to set lighting modes depending on the time of day or occasion, setting running schedules for appliances, and many others.

We here on the Nubryte team are working to use the latest in smart home technology to make your lives easier. What are some things you would love your smart home to do?