Tip Tuesday: Monitor Your Smart Lighting Energy Usage for Earth Day

Apr 18, 2017 Tips

It's almost Earth Day, and there's no better way to celebrate "going green" than with smart home technology, like NuBryte.

NuBryte is an instant smart home solution that brings all the top home automation features together, in one touchscreen device. Get access to built-in home security, automated lighting, intercom, and home hub that includes energy monitoring, weather forecasts, family calendar, and more!

With the Energy Monitor, you can monitor your NuBryte connected lights to see how much energy you're using, and you can even see how much that's costing your family.

Get up-to-date energy reports right in the NuBryte App!

Let's get started.

Step 1: Visit the "Home" screen on your NuBryte App, and click on the green dial icon.

energy monitor.png

Step 2: View your daily usage, and scroll to the right to see the energy usage from the day before. You can also see your daily average here.

energy monitor2.png

Step 3: Tap on the middle circle (with the report icon) to see a monthly view of your energy consumption.

energy monitor 3.png

Step 4: Make smarter energy choices!

NuBryte Smart Lighting can help! Set-up your Motion Mode to take advantage of touch-free lighting. Your lights come on when motion is detected, and go off when there is no longer any motion detected in the room. Helps you save energy and money...and is perfect for the kids bedrooms!

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