Save with NuBryte

Dec 16, 2014

Based on a recent U.S. Department of Labor report on annual home energy costs, Business Insider estimates that Americans spend $146 billion on wasted energy every year. DTE Energy states close to 20% of total energy home costs come from home lighting. With almost a quarter of overall cost, significant savings can be made from smart and efficient home lighting. Some of the solutions are to replace traditional incandescent light blubs with more efficient lighting. This has a positive effect, but there are other areas in the lighting systems that still are quite inefficient. NuBryte’s answers to these problems are the LearningLights™ and custom lighting modes. 

LearningLights™adjust to the users preferences allowing the system to turn off unused and unwanted lighting in other areas of the house and room. The 6 custom lighting modes of various settings further decrease unnecessary and unused lighting. The Morning and Bedtime modes will incorporate dimmer technology to follow more natural lighting patterns, no need for full bright lighting in the evening or morning. The On the Move mode turns lights on and off as you move through the house, no more wasted energy when you forget to turn lights off in rooms. With these different combinations of lighting solutions, NuBryte has the potential to generate significant savings for your home.