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Nov 28, 2016

Let's chat! Join us on Thursday, December 1 for the #HelloSmartHome Twitter Party from 8 PM – 9 PM ET with our friends over at Real Trends.

Tip Tuesday: Stay Prepared with NuBryte Weather Reports

Nov 09, 2016 Tips

Ever leave the house in such a rush that you forgot to check the weather?

Get to Know NuBryte: Rise & Shine with Morning Wake-up Lighting

Nov 01, 2016 Tips

It’s one of the most dreaded times of the day. When your alarm goes off bright and early right in your ear. And all you’re thinking is 5 more minutes before you hit the snooze button and doze back off to sleep. What if you could wake-up in a more pleasant way?

Use the Vacation Mode to Automate Your Home’s Lighting

Nov 01, 2016 Tips

f you’re going out of town, or staying nearby, but want to make it look like someone is at home, then you’ll love the Vacation Lighting Mode! Perfect for this busy time of year, you can schedule your lights to automatically come on and go off (even making it look random) so that it will look...

Trick-or-Treat? 4 Home Security Tips for Halloween

Oct 28, 2016 Tips

This Halloween, kids everywhere will be hitting the trails looking for one thing…candy! It’s the one night a year when anything goes, and you get the chance to dress-up as your favorite character. Parties, trick-or-treating and fall festivals can make the night super fun and special for your...

Tip Tuesday: Set the NuBryte Timer from Your Touchpoint

Oct 25, 2016 Tips

Did you know that every NuBryte Touchpoint comes with a built-in timer? It’s perfect for timing the kid’s nightly reading, reminding yourself that you have one of your famous chocolate pies baking in your kitchen oven, or timing yourself for that dreaded hour of workout time. The timer’s easy to...

Tip Tuesday: Personalize Your NuBryte with Your Favorite Photo

Oct 18, 2016 Tips

Did you know that you can upload photos to your NuBryte Touchpoint, and use them as a screensaver? It’s easy to showcase your favorite photos of your kids, significant other, or even your furry friends. The perfect way to personalize your Touchpoint!

Dear Mark - Here's Why You Need NuBryte Smart Home

Oct 17, 2016


Get to Know NuBryte: Smart Home Security

Sep 21, 2016

Even if your family always locks the doors and windows, there’s still that sense of uncertainty that unwanted visitors could disrupt you. That’s why many homeowners turn to home security systems to keep their home, and family, safe. With all the security offers on the market today, it can be...

Twitter Party Wrap-up with HGTV’s Carley Knobloch

Sep 16, 2016

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a HGTV Smart Home host, or a Today Show Digital Expert live on Twitter. On 9/13 we offered our NuBryte fans just that…an opportunity to chat with Carley Knobloch for a whole hour! We had Carley all to ourselves, and had a fantastic time talking about...