NuBryte: The Thriftiest & Niftiest Smart Home Console

Dec 11, 2014

Exciting news: NuBryte was featured on CNET today as a fierce competition to solutions like Wink and Nest (check out Megan Wollerton's review: )- have you pre-ordered yours yet?!

However, we did want to elaborate on a few points in the review, in case you wanted to know more. We agree with Megan - it would be unnecessary to install a NuBryte in every room! With the free app functionality, you can control your home's lighting right from your phone as long as you have one console installed. You may want to install multiple units to have added security features in the rooms that involve entryways or large windows, but again - it's up to you!

Another cost-saving of NuBryte is that instead of buying and paying monthly fees for separate systems throughout your house, such as a security system, a broadcast system, etc., users have access to them all through one console! For example, you may have noticed Megan's point that Wink's Relay connects with third party technologies like the Dropcam Pro and Lutron dimmers - that is true. But at LUCIS, we felt that there wasn't a solution that eliminated the need to pay for extra solutions like these in addition to the console itself. This is why we are building it all into one platform!

We hope this helps clear up any remaining questions you have about the NuBryte. We can't wait to have you experience it first-hand! So hurry up and join us.