NuBryte Loves Amazon Alexa!

A NuBryte Smart Home can give you all the top smart home features that you’re looking for. Things like home security, lighting automation, intercom, and family management are all built-right in. Add in a voice assistant, like Amazon Alexa, and you’re instantly taking your smart home to the next level. Controlling your home by voice is the latest trend, and our team is thrilled to announce that NuBryte works with Amazon Alexa!

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It’s true. And we couldn’t be more excited! 

Lighting Control is Here!

HEY, ALEXA....png


That’s right! Not only can you use your NuBryte Touchpoint or the NuBryte App to control your lights, but now you can ask Alexa to do it for you! You can easily ask Alexa to control your NuBryte smart lighting with your voice. So that by the time you ask her to turn off your bedroom light, you’re already snuggled in ready for bed. Plus, you can even group rooms together so that you can quickly turn on/off all your kids’ bedroom lights at the same time.

Sound exciting? We think so too! And the best part is that’s only a sneak peek of what the integration will do. Yes, there’s more! Sign-up for our newsletter to get the inside scoop.