Interview with LUCIS Founder Alan Yuan

Dec 07, 2014

We sat down with Mr. Alan Yuan, co founder and CEO of Lucis Technologies this week to find out more about the vision of the company and to understand what they are hoping to accomplish. Here’s a transcript of the interview:

Q: What is the overall vision for Lucis Technologies and where do you see it going in the next few years?

A: Our vision has always been to attain the highest level of energy efficiency through a series of diverse product lines, from LED lighting to smart home automation. If you begin looking at the big companies that have previously engaged in home automation, it has always been high end utomation with a price tag from $20,000 all the way up to $100,000 installed.However, there are 2 questions to ask from this: Is this accessible to the average consumer? And how will future technology affect regular, everyday people?

With the advancement of technology and introduction of the Internet of Things, we are now able to connect all types of different electronics and appliances in our home and uniquely control them. Furthermore, the existing and proven smart technologies that are affordable and accessible to the average family. That has been our focus.

Q: In terms of the Lucis vision, the introduction of NuBryte seems like a first step towards building an ecosystem for other products to come. What is NuBryte for Lucis?

A: With the introduction of NuBryte as our flagship product, we are looking to simplify the working family lifestyle, with tools such as smart lighting, home security, in-house broadcasting, and weather & energy reporting. NuBryte’s signature is the home security feature which does not require monthly fees like traditional security services, an intercom system that is designed for families with children, or elderly parents, to easily communicate within the home, and self-learning light controls with motion detection that can sense and learn movements..

More functions will be introduced as our engineers continue to develop more innovative ways to accomplish daily tasks in a more efficient way. The NuBryte essentially is a touchscreen console that will help you to manage your house more efficiently. It is a purely stand-alone product catering to the everyday family.

Q: How did the idea of Lucis come about?

A: Our co-founder, Guan Shan, and I worked together in the same semiconductor company in Silicon Valley, ISSI in 1994. From there, my focus moved to the renewable energy sector as I joined solar energy giant, The Chint Group, and assisted in developing the business globally. My network expanded into electrical distribution for solar energy, where most of my sales and marketing knowledge is now based.

Guan Shan, on the other hand, was focused audio amplifiers which he developed at Silicon Microelectronics Co. Ltd. His company soon flourished and became a worldwide leader, delivering over 70% of all audio amplifiers China. Our friendship lasted for over 20 years before it became a partnership. Creating Lucis was a matter of having the right timing with the right experience. Both of us share the same vision of combining home automation & smart (IoT) systems to develop more energy efficient products for the future.

Q: Who are your target customers?

A: Our target customer is active, working families and small businesses that are looking for affordable, easy-to-install smart home technology. We’re looking to solve home needs with affordable products. We want to be associated with delivering a unique product, one that integrates preexisting modern technology to create a smart home.

Q: By introducing the NuBryte, what are some of the major problems Lucis is solving for families?

A: The two major issues Lucis is addressing target efficient energy management and security. NuBryte creates convenience for our customers as we sense that consumers are becoming more aware about their energy usage and would like to make a change in better managing their homes.Families have hundreds of electronics and appliances in their homes, and NuBryte is able to integrate those multiple functions into one central stand alone device.

Q: Is it really worth it for a household to buy the NuBryte? What’s the justification for buying it?

A: The payback of our system is pretty straightforward, take for example the security system a family in the US has currently with other big companies, and we’re talking a subscription fee of about $40-50/month. On top of that, there are also heating and electricity bills that come up to $400-thousands/month in the winter. An investment for a house system that is under $200 is certainly an affordable price to pay for potential cost savings of that magnitude. In the long term, we’re going to see some pretty significant savings once the system is fully optimized and is able to adjust to the user’s habits.

Q: What do you think of some of the risk involved in creating a smart home?

A: If you take a look at the overall market, we’re starting to see big companies such as Apple, Samsung, LG creating many different devices that are separately controlled but supposedly “smart” because it can read your behavior. Take for example, the smart refrigerator which can reorder milk for you in case it expires. However, is it necessary? I don’t think the average household needs that kind of sci-fi futuristic technology. Our belief is we shouldn’t change things overnight – jump too far into the future - rather adapt to what already exists in our homes and create solutions.

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