Get to Know NuBryte: Use the Bedtime Dimmer to Get More Sleep Each Night

Aug 24, 2016

It’s 10:00 p.m. and you’re still up and going strong. You’ve checked your work email one last time, gotten things ready for tomorrow, and caught up on your favorite Netflix show. So you (and your better half) make your way to the bedroom. The only problem? You can’t seem to wind down. The lights are out but your mind is still going strong. Welcome to the dilemma many parents face on a daily basis.

For all of us, getting a good night’s sleep is important and vital to overall health and well-being. Sleep experts recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. For some, that’s easier said than done. Some people can go to sleep as soon as they lay their heads on their pillows, but for many of us, getting to sleep can be difficult.

If you’re one of those that has trouble falling to sleep, NuBryte Smart Home Technology can help. With several automated lighting features available, a user favorite is the Bedtime Dimmer.

The NuBryte Bedtime Dimmer lets you schedule your home’s lighting to start dimming about 10 minutes BEFORE you go to bed. Why is this so important? By having your lights gradually dim, the shift from light to darkness helps signal your body (and mind) that it’s time wind down and get ready for bed. So once you finally lay down, you’re more relaxed and ready to fall asleep.

NuBryte Bedtime mode

After you schedule your bedtime, you can also select each room that you want to “Activate” the Bedtime Dimmer. So if you’re reading in bed before bedtime, just schedule your bedroom lights to begin to dim. Or if you’re watching T.V. in the family room, schedule the lights in there to dim. As long as you have a NuBryte installed (with dimming light bulbs) in the rooms you wish to use the dimming feature in, you’ll be on your way to a better night’s rest…which will lead to a healthier you!

And the other good news (yes there’s more), you can also use the Bedtime Dimmer to help get the kids to bed on time! If they’re playing in their bedrooms, schedule their lights to automatically begin to dim 10 minutes before their bedtime to let them know that it’s time to relax and get ready for bed. The lights have spoken and it’s time to go to sleep…no questions asked!

With NuBryte, you get instant access to several other home automation tools like home security, automated lighting, wireless intercom and more family tools that can bring much needed automation and efficiency to your home. Learn more about the other NuBryte Smart Lighting features, and order your NuBryte on Amazon. You’ll get to sleep easier (and earlier) than ever before!



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