Get to Know NuBryte: Smart Home Security

Sep 21, 2016

Even if your family always locks the doors and windows, there’s still that sense of uncertainty that unwanted visitors could disrupt you. That’s why many homeowners turn to home security systems to keep their home, and family, safe. With all the security offers on the market today, it can be hard to know where to turn. That’s where NuBryte smart security can help.

NuBryte Smart Security

With NuBryte, you get home security that goes a step beyond your basic home security system. Here’s what’s built into each and every NuBryte Touchpoint:

- Easily Monitor Your Home with built-in tools – Protect your home with wide angle camera that records movement when activated, discreetly located in the console (not an eyesore in the corner). Plus, use the motion detector to keep tabs of any movement in your home with military-grade motion sensors that detect movement up to 30’, right from the console (no more motion detectors all around the room) 

- Video Alerts, on your Phone – If you’re alarm is activated, and someone enters your home and triggers the alarm, you get an instant notification on your phone with a video clip of what’s happening inside. If it’s your neighbor borrowing sugar (again), you can easily deactivate the alarm from your phone. But if it’s an emergency, you can immediately call 911 for help.

- Control from Anywhere – What’s great about NuBryte is that you can activate the alarm from your home with the NuBryte Touchpoint console, or from the NuBryte app. From right outside your home, or across the world, you can easily control your NuBryte home security from anywhere.

- Light Alarm – Most security systems have a built-in sound alarm, but do they have a light alarm? Not only does NuBryte have an audible siren, but it also flashes NuBryte connected lights in your home when triggered. Hopefully, that will scare away any intruders, and will alarm the neighbors that something is going on inside…before the crime starts – that’s a victory!

- Sound Alarm – Scare away any unwanted visitors with a 100 decibel alarm that sounds if triggered.

- Avoid Gadget Clutter – Most home security systems require a lot of complicated sensors and external cameras. Since NuBryte discreetly replaces your light switch, it’s a beautiful way to get all the top security features – without the gadget clutter.

- Subscription Free – Say goodbye to monthly fees and contracts…there’s no need to pay someone else to monitor your home for you. You’re in charge!

- Coverage Where you Need it – When thinking about home security, you think about making sure the areas beside your doors that lead outside are covered. That’s what’s great about NuBryte. Since it replaces your light switch, it’s easy to install a Touchpoint right beside your door. If someone unwanted were to enter the door (with your NuBryte security activated) your alarm will activate. We always recommend putting a NuBryte Touchpoint beside your front door, garage door, and the door to your patio. If you want to extend many of the same features, including the motion detector sensors, check out NuBryte Flex…a flexible way to extend NuBryte functionality throughout your whole-home!

The best news about NuBryte is that it’s more than just security! Touch-free lighting, home intercom, family calendar, and home management tools make your house the smartest on the block! At an affordable price, you can upgrade your home with NuBryte today. Get yours on Amazon!