Get Organized in the New Year with NuBryte Family Calendar + Google Calendar

If your New Year Resolutions are like most of us, they probably involve starting something new. Whether it be a new daily routine, a new tradition, or a new way of taking care of yourself, it can be overwhelming to think of how you can manage your resolution (and not kick it to the curb after only 3 weeks).

If you’re needing something to help you stay organized and keep focused, NuBryte Smart Home has a built-in family calendar that’s perfect for keeping up with everything – all in one place! With the Family Calendar, you can easily schedule your entire family’s activities into the NuBryte App via your smart phone. Now, you can make sure to schedule in that extra time at the gym (no excuses)!

Another impressive benefit to NuBryte, is that with our innovative smart home technology that replaces your light switch, you can receive your calendar notifications directly on your phone, or on any NuBryte Touchpoint console throughout your home. So if you’re in the kitchen, and need a reminder to head out 10 minutes early to pick-up Michael from soccer practice, you can set that notification to alert you in your kitchen when it’s time to leave. No more missing appointments….or being late! It’s also the perfect way to keep your family all on the same page. You can see everyone in your family’s appointments, so the teenagers will know if Mom or Dad will be the one picking them up from practice. 

Just like you, the NuBryte Family Calendar is also going to have a fresh start in the New Year. We’re excited to announce that coming in January 2017, NuBryte will integrate with Google Calendar! This was one of our most frequent product enhancement requests, and our team worked hard to make this integration possible.

So how will the Google Integration work?

It’s simple! You’ll give the NuBryte App & NuBryte Touchpoint access to your Google Calendar, and the two calendars will sync together to give you a full, and customizable, view of your schedule. (More details on this process will be coming soon once the full integration goes live in 2017).

If you’re ready to get organized in 2017, now’s the time to invest in your future. Get your NuBryte Touchpoint at Amazon. Shop Now!


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