Communication Made Easy: NuBryte Smart Home Wireless Intercom

Feb 18, 2016

Tired of yelling from room-to-room to gather your family for dinner time? With NuBryte Touchpoint, you gain instant access to a smart home solution with a built-in Wi-Fi enabled home intercom system to help make your life a little easier. By replacing your homes existing light switches, you can bring efficiency and automation to your home.

The NuBryte Home Intercom System lets you easily communicate throughout your entire home with the push of one button. You can talk room-to-room, or call every room in your home at once (as long as you have a NuBryte installed in the rooms you want to communicate with).

Just think about how many times a day you can use the home intercom!

-Get you kids up and out the door for school (on time)!

-Talk to the grandparents that are always downstairs, while you're upstairs.

-Call the man-cave to let your husband know it’s time for dinner.

-Gather the family in the game room for family movie night.

-Let your wife know the baby is crying…again!

-Tell the kids it’s time to get their homework done.

-Time for bed! Turn off the T.V., pick up the toys, and get to bed.

The best part is that with NuBryte, there are no monthly subscription fees or contracts, and you get so much more than a home intercom system. Not only does NuBryte come equipped with a home intercom, but you can also take advantage of the built-in home security, smart lighting, and home management tools to instantly transform your house into a smart home….all in one single device! Plus, there’s no extra wiring throughout your house. A win-win smart home solution!

Learn more about the NuBryte Complete Smart Home Solution.

If you’re tired of yelling, and don’t feel like finding your phone to text your family, Order NuBryte to help make communication in your home easier and more efficient!